Dual Crane Lift ( Jimboomba Water Reservoir)

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Blogs

Our client needed to relocate 3 tilt panels onsite, from one side of the Jimboomba water reservoir to the other side. Once relocated we had to land the panels back on the ground to change the lifting points to the top of the panel to then stand them and position on the slab. Sounded pretty straight forward except, upon the site visit we learnt the largest panel was going to be 4.8m wide and the access was 4.9m wide. This presented a challenge because the narrow access point was on the greatest radius on the tank hard up against a guard rail. After a couple of site visits the Assist Hire team decided to dual lift the panels around the tank and then stand them in front of their final position, walk them forward and place them on the slab to be braced with panel props. With great care and planning the team carried out the job safely and efficiently leaving a very happy customer.

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