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We're proud of our contribution to the community. Whether it's a new MRI scanner for the Children's Hospital, a generator that powers a factory, moving a movie prop or an emergency response. It's our experience and attention to detail that enables us to work successfully accross a diverse range of industries.

Our complete lifting service operates in the Brisbane, Logan City, Redland Bay, Beaudesert, Gold Coast and Jimboomba districts. It includes equipment and experienced operators for all occassions, big jobs and small. From a franna man cage or a 100 tonne lift we will complete the job safely, on schedule and professionally.

Call today to discuss your lifting requirements and discover why Assist Hire is regarded as the highest calibre crane hire service in South East Queensland.

Material Handling Overview

Licenced operators will provide your forklift and telehandler needs. 2.5 and 8 tonne forklifts available throughout the Brisbane, Logan City, Redland Bay, Beaudesert, Gold Coast and Jimboomba districts.

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Access Equipment Overview

Scissor lifts and boom lift supplied with or without a licenced operator.

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Transport Services Overview

Whether you're moving a demountable building, a boat, machinery or a container we will have a suitable truck in our fleet. Our trucks form a key part of our strategy to provide a complete service that gives you "one hand to shake".

The fleet consists of super tilt trailers, tilt slide trucks, dropdeck transport and pilot services.

Allow us move your valuables and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Assist Hire's experienced crew. Call today.

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Mobile Crane Hire

Multiple Cranes available for hire. 15T to 25T SL Frannas, 10T City cranes to 100T all terrain slew cranes.

City Crane Hire

Mobile crane with a 5 x 5 meter footprint for those tight job sites with 23 metres of boom.

Franna Crane Hire

15 to 25 tonne Franna cranes available including the new 25 tonne super lift Franna for more efficient loading and unloading.

Tranportation & Relocation

Full project relocation available. From flat tops for general purpose to super low step decks for extra high loads.

Rigging Services for installations

Full mechanical rigging services available including air conditioning & electrical switchboard installations. These services include removal of redundant equipment.

Access Equipment

19FT to 26FT electric scissor lifts, 26FT all terrain scissor lifts and 45FT all terrain straight boom available. Can be hired with or without operator.

Mobile Crane Hire

Assist Hire can offer a complete Crane Hire & Transport service for any Machinery Move in Brisbane, Beaudesert, Jimboomba, Cleveland, Redland Bay & Logan City. We offer a wide range of mobile crane hire solutions, All our machines are crane safe certified and lifting gear is inspected quarterly. We can supply Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and lift plans for any task. We believe safety is the most important factor when it comes to Mobile Crane Hire, which is why we never cut corners or take our eye off the ball. We have been servicing the Brisbane area for over 10 years and our mobile crane hire services have been used for a large range of different projects all the way from the Northside of Brisbane to the Southside of Brisbane, we have a mobile crane hire solution for whatever your needs.

Our mobile cranes include a 15T Franna to the new 25T SL Franna, 10T city cranes for tight job sites & up to 100T all terrain cranes. The 25T SL Franna is ideal for efficient heavy lifts that would otherwise require dual lifting. The city crane is ideal for tight spaces, the 100T all terrain for heavy lifts.

City Crane Hire

At Assist Hire we offer a range of city crane hire solutions to suit your needs. We are one of the leading providers of city crane hire in Brisbane, using only the highest quality equipment and regularly undergoing additional training to ensure our team can offer the safest and best City Crane Hire services in Brisbane.

We provide superior city crane hire services in Brisbane, with safety and care at the forefront of our minds when we undertake every job. Our city cranes are of modern designed for compact sites which is essential to navigate the Brisbane CBDs tight laneways and difficult to reach spots.

City cranes can lift up to 4.9 tonnes and have a small 5 x 5 meter footprint which makes them ideal for tight job sites and tricky locations such as shopping centres, hospitals & casinos. These cranes are ideal for places where space is at a premium.

Franna Crane Hire

Franna Cranes are one of the most popular types of crane brand in Australia. This multi-purpose pick and carry crane on the market thanks to the fact it has no outriggers or stabilizing legs, allowing them added flexibility to manoeuvre and operate in extremely tight areas. Franna Cranes are perfect for use on Brisbane CBD building sites, hospitals and other urban areas.

Our Franna Cranes are one of our most popular and flexible choices for mobile crane hire in Brisbane. Franna Cranes are a pick and carry crane that is designed to safely travel on roads, similar to a mobile crane. Our Franna cranes are particularly suitable when there is a large distance between job sites thanks to their fast speeds. This type of crane is extremely flexible with the types of jobs it can carry out, including work on construction sites, emergency response situations, and Franna cranes come in different configurations, sizes and shapes so no matter the job Franna cranes are going to have a safe and reliable lifting solutions. If you are looking for reliable and safe Franna Crane hire in Brisbane, contact Assist Hire today!

Our Brisbane Franna Crane Hire service is available 24 hours a day 7 Days a week and are operated by our qualified, licensed and highly experienced operators who ensure safety is at the forefront of their mind during every job they undertake. Our Brisbane Franna Crane Hire is suitable for all terrain environments and offer lifting capacities ranging from 15T to 25T.

Transport & Relocations

We move heavy machinery, demountable buildings, boats, generators, roofing, beams and any other heavy equipment quickly and efficiently. Our wide range of dropdecks includes super low dropdeck with or without ramps and remote controlled Super Tilt Trailers. We can relocate anywhere in Australia.

Our wide range of trucks including 20T tilt slide trailer, tilt slide trucks, dropdeck transport and pilot services.

Our 20T Super Tilt Trailers are set up with dual winches and the tray is fully remote controlled. This trailer is perfect for moving 40ft shipping containers, demountable buildings, modular homes, high mast forklift and machines, broken down trucks and trailers and more. Our Tilt slide trucks have a 6.5m tray and upto a 6T carrying capacity, they can fit into small sites to move site sheds, 20ft shipping containers, machines and more.

Our Pilot / Escorts and Police Escort services for Oversize loads in Brisbane, Logan City, Ipswich City, Jimboomba, Beaudesert and in any location though out South East Queensland. Please call to discuss the requirements of the load.

Mechanical Rigging Services & installations

Our services inclue machinery installations, recovery services, spreader bars and mancage hire. We use cranes, telehandlers, forklifts and riggers to aid in the recovery of Heavy vehicles, vehicles, rollovers and much more. If your machine requires a spreader bar, we have 2.2 m to 13m spreader bars with up to 30T lifting capacity. And if you need to lift personnel to reach their tasks, we have mancages and sully boxes for many applications.

Access Equipment

We offer a range of access equipment to assist with working safely at heights in a construction based setting. We offer a range of access equipment to help you get the job done safely and to the highest standard. Whether you are an experienced tradie or you are undertaking a DIY job at home and don’t have experience operating this type of equipment, assist hire offers our access equipment hire with or without our operators.

We have a range of access equipment suitable for a multitude of applications, offering a simple hiring process. All you have to do is give us a call and we can organise a time for either personal hire or one of our qualified and licensed operators to come and help with the job. Our operators regularly undertake workplace health and safety courses, meaning they are experienced working with both Forklifts and Scissor and Boon access equipment.

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Getting started is easy. Call us to discuss your requirements and schedule and we'll provide a free quote.
We can discuss your job in terms of outcomes such as "I have a 20 foot boat in Yatala that I want moved to Redland Bay" or in terms of time and materials such as "I want to hire the 55 tonne slew crane with an operator for two weeks".

Case Study #1: Redland Bay Container relocation

A customer needed a shipping container moved to new premises in Logan City. The instructions were simple, "relocate the container to the Logan City depot by Tuesday". Assist Hire planned the move including crane, rigging and trucks.

A quote and schedule was provided the same day. The job was accepted and Assist were on the job within 24 hours. This is a simple example of an interaction with Assist Hire, but it's also a great example of how easy the team makes it for customers at all levels of experience.

Case Study #2: Dual Crane Lift ( Jimboomba Water Reservoir)

Our client needed to relocate 3 tilt panels onsite, from one side of the Jimboomba water reservoir to the other side. Once relocated we had to land the panels back on the ground to change the lifting points to the top of the panel to then stand them and position on the slab.

Sounded pretty straight forward except, upon the site visit we learnt the largest panel was going to be 4.8m wide and the access was 4.9m wide. This presented a challenge because the narrow access point was on the greatest radius on the tank hard up against a guard rail.

After a couple of site visits the Assist Hire team decided to dual lift the panels around the tank and then stand them in front of their final position, walk them forward and place them on the slab to be braced with panel props.

With great care and planning the team carried out the job safely and efficiently leaving a very happy customer.

We specialise in lifting, mechanical rigging and relocations so you don't have to

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It's not just about hiring our cranes, trucks, forklifts or scissor lifts. It's about the experienced planners, about the workplace health & safety compliance and about completing the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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The guys were very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Assist.

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Quality service. Highly recommended.

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