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Assist Hire is a crane company that specialises in Franna Crane hire Brisbane. With over 20 years’ experience our trained industry specialists are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled in Brisbane. If you are going to hire in Brisbane, we are going to have the local knowledge and equipment you need. 

We have a variety of different Franna Cranes in our fleet. The fleet includes 25T SL Franna Cranes for bigger jobs and 15T Franna Cranes for tighter spaces. The fleet options make this versatile machine even more capable of catering to your specific requirements. Our talented and trained operators also have the skills needed to really utilise the crane in the most effective way. 

We ensure that all our equipment is maintained and cared for with the highest attention to detail. Our industry knowledge of current workplace health and safety requirements ensures that all our cranes are reliable and compliant. The safety of our customers is very important and a well-maintained machine is crucial to successful projects. 

We also offer ongoing support throughout the crane hire process. There are talented and experienced professionals on call to offer advice and support.

How Much Is It To Hire A Franna Crane?

Franna Cranes are incredibly flexible machines and a tailored hire quote can be arranged whatever the scope and scale of your project. Mobile crane hire always has the same considerations regardless of the type of crane. Hire costs will vary based on the size and weight of your load, the environmental context of your lift and the time needed to complete the project. There will usually be an hourly rate based on the size of the rig and the hours that the job will actually take. 

With Assist Hire, the cost of hire will include the Franna Crane being manned by fully trained and qualified operator. You can ensure we get the best deal for you by having the details of load, dates, timing and location available at the time of contact. The more information we have the better we are able to cater to your unique circumstances. 

Mobile Franna Crane hire is a great place to start for your project. Franna crane hire is one of the most common means of lifting and moving across a variety of commercial industries and for some domestic purposes. Contact our team of Franna Crane specialists to get a quote for your lifting and moving needs.

What Is a Franna crane used for?

The Franna crane is a multi-purpose crane that can be used for any number of lifting jobs on construction projects. With a Franna crane hire you will be able to perform any number of pick and carry jobs. The Franna crane does not have outriggers or stabilising legs meaning these Brisbane cranes can really get into tight spots. They are ideal for loads of 15—25T.

The lack of stabilising legs and outriggers make this crane especially suitable for construction projects in tight spaces. This is particularly helpful in CBD construction sites where space is always at a premium. Frannas can move stock around your storage yard quickly and easily. They are the perfect solution to move materials from storage to site.

Your crane hire company will be able to advise whether the Franna crane is the best crane for your needs in terms of weight and height of the lifts. Chances are it will be, as this little crane is both powerful and agile. Franna cranes are available in different sizes and configurations, meaning there is a perfect Franna crane for your job. Franna cranes offer a safe, reliable lifting solution.

How much can a Franna crane lift?

A Franna crane is a safe, reliable and agile crane. It is a small crane that is amazingly powerful. With a lifting capacity of 15T – 25T this crane is suitable for any number of construction jobs. Franna crane hire may be the solution to your lifting quandary. Frannas have the advantage that they are truly a mobile crane as they are able to travel on roads. This makes mobile crane hire easy.

This also means you can move materials from your storage depot across the road to your job site easily. Brisbane crane hire is easy and you have the choice of cranes. Chances are a Franna will meet your needs for everyday lifts. With the 15T – 25T capacity, this powerful crane can do many construction jobs. Not only can it lift these weights, but this agile crane is incredibly manoeuvrable and can turn on a dime. The Franna crane is truly a heavy lifter for its size and without the need for stabiliser legs or outriggers.

What is the difference between a Franna and a crane?

There many types of cranes, a Franna crane is just one of them. There are slew cranes, Liebherr cranes, Crawler cranes, bridge/overhead cranes, rough terrain cranes and of course Franna cranes. That’s to name but a few. Franna cranes, so called after their original manufacturer, are pick and carry cranes. That is, they literally pick up their load and carry it to their destination. Other cranes may need to lift, swing, drop, take in stabilisers/outriggers, move, put out stabilisers/outriggers and start again. You can see a Franna crane is a great construction crane. It is able to efficiently lift and carry materials around your building site or depot and place them where they are needed. Franna cranes Brisbane can lift up to 25T.

What size crane do I need?

Obviously, the size crane you need depends on the size of load you need to lift. But there are other things to take into account, not just size. You need to consider the height of the lift. Are you lifting the load up to a second or third story? You will need a crane that has both the lift capacity and the height capacity. You also need to consider if there is room for your crane to manoeuvre.

If the lift is in a tight spot then a Franna crane might be your solution. A Franna crane lifts up to 25T and doesn’t require outriggers or stabilizers, making it a perfect small space crane. This is especially the case in CBD construction projects where there are multiple space constraints. The Franna is a great little construction crane in those circumstances. Ultimately, the calculation of radius and height requirements dictates the crane you will need. When you contact Assist Hire Cranes Brisbane they will advise the best crane for your needs.

What is a standard crane hire?

There is no standard crane hire as different cranes are suitable for different jobs. A common crane hire is the Franna crane. Franna crane hire can be the solution to many of your lift requirements. The Franna can lift up to 25T. This covers many of the loads in construction. Not only does the Franna lift good tonnage, it can do so without the need for stabilisers or outriggers. This means the crane can be used in even the smallest CBD construction project. Brisbane crane hire have many crane options including Franna cranes and Liebherr cranes.

While Franna cranes have manoeuvrability the Liebherr crane is a tower crane that can reach higher and further. This means it can lift up to multiple stories on a construction project. On big construction projects the Franna and Liebherr can work in tandem. The Franna can move loads from the materials depot to the Liebherr which then lifts materials up onto the building platform. A standard crane hire should consider all the workplace health and safety aspects of the lift to ensure the safety of those on site. A reputable crane hire company will do this.

What are the three types of cranes?

There are actually four types of cranes; truck mounted, floating cranes, rough terrain and crawler.

The truck mounted crane is just what it sounds like; a truck with a crane on top. These cranes, like Franna cranes, can go on roads and can move loads from location to location easily. They are generally quite manoeuvrable and are good on building projects where there isn’t much room to move. A mobile crane hire is a good construction crane because of these factors.

Floating cranes are heavy duty cranes that are based on floating pontoons. These cranes are used to build bridges and ports. They are also used to load and unload heavy or awkward cargo from ships. Sometimes they are used to transfer items from one ship to another.

Rough terrain cranes are designed to work in the toughest environment. They have all wheel steering to manage the rough terrain. This all wheel steering offers great manoeuvrability.

Crawler cranes have an upper carriage which is mounted on tank-like tracks. The crawler cranes can lift the heaviest loads. They are time consuming to set up as they require more on-site assembly than all other mobile cranes.

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