Health & Safety Policy

Our Health & Safety Policy

The Health and Safety on our job sites are our highest priority and will not be compromised. Our main objective is the safe completion of our services provided with as low as reasonably practicable number of work related incidents, injury and illness.

To deliver on our commitment we will ensure:

  1. Communication of the WHS Policy and related procedures to all workers as appropriate, in order for them to be aware of their obligations with respect to Assist Hire’s operations;
  2. Compliance with all applicable work health and safety laws, regulations and statutory duties;
  3. Work health and safety is integrated into Assist Hire’s everyday business practices;
  4. Assist Hire seeks a personal commitment from all employees in regards to work health and safety;
  5. Appropriate resources and provisions are in place to successfully manage a risk management process appropriate to the size and scale of the work Assist Hire undertakes;
  6. Measurable targets and achievements are set in order to continually improve work health and safety performance; and
  7. Periodic review and revision of the Work Health and Safety Policy and Procedures in order to maintain their relevance and effectiveness.

It is the responsibility of every individual working within the Assist Hire organisation to achieve a healthy and safe workplace.